What’s up on the Internet – what’s important, what’s causing fun and excitement? All is revealed in Shift – Living in the Digital Age, a weekly DW magazine showcasing the latest Internet news. It’s entertaining, it’s well-informed, it’s opinionated. Shift examines Internet issues and their impact on political and business life, and society in general, also illustrating the creative spirit forging the digital world. Shift profiles a whole spectrum of characters, from video artists to self-styled web politicians, and issues ranging from video surveillance to Internet culture and art, introducing the makers and all the top topics.


concept & design:
Sven Windszus

executive producer & direction:
Uwe Flade

3D artist:
Chris Smallfield, Nico Kahmann, Carl Albrecht

Justin Kruse, Ian Hutchinson

Anke Höppner, Chris Lenz

sound design:
Andre Abshagen

cutdown music:
210 Studios